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History and poetry

The Campidoglio, or Capitoline Hill, is a 30 minute walk from the Hotel Savoy and is the least high of the seven hills of Rome. It rises above the Roman and Trajan Forums and the Campo Marzio (Field of Mars). To reach the piazza del Campidoglio at the top, one has to ascend the ramped staircase, or cordonata, designed by Michelangelo. The piazza itself was also an urban invention designed by the great artist after he was called in to redefine the hilltop area as the Palazzo Senatorio was already facing the City and determined the axis of the composition.

It was at the Campidoglio (probably in the Aracoeli Church) that the great Francesco Petrarca received his degree as poet and historian on 8 April, 1341, from the Roman Senator Orso dell’Anguillara, after he had been “examined” in Naples by King Roberto d’Angiò. Your tour of Rome will take you in many different directions, but the Campidoglio is without doubt one of the most fascinating points of interest of Rome, and not far from the Hotel Savoy on foot through the streets and among the landmarks of the Capital.

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