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What to see in Rome

From the hotel, after a little walking tour, one can choose to take the subway to fully enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Coliseum, the symbol of the Eternal City and its most photographed monument, beloved for its grand architecture. It is the symbol of the city, was built more than two thousand years ago and is the monument most associated with the capital. Those who enjoy walking can stroll from monument to monument all day long, there is always something new to discover and explore. The Roman Forum, for example, is located next to the Coliseum and is one of the most important attractions.

The Hotel Savoy in Roma suggests you hire a guide, you will find one that speaks your language at the entrance, so as to fully grasp the fascinating and complex history of the Coliseum and Forum, from when it was all built to today. Tickets for the Coliseum and other monuments can be purchased online, as can guided tours.

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