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Modern antiquity

The Pantheon, not far from the Hotel Savoy in Rome, is the best-preserved building dating to ancient times and has the largest brick cupola is the history of world architecture, it is also the most often copied and imitated cupola from the ancient world. The main body of the Pantheon is circular, obviously Roman, while the grand columns in front are clearly inspired on those of ancient Greece. Not far from the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, its interior is truly spectacular. The high and perfect cupola is one of the attractions most admired by visitors.

When you enter, gaze upwards where the sun will capture your attention, shining as it does downwards through a nine metre-wide hole at the very top to illuminate the entire building. When it rains, move off to the side and watch the water come down only to disappear into 22 nearly invisible holes in the floor. You can admire this wonderful building after a short twenty minute walk from the Hotel Savoy.

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