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Visiting Rome

According to legend Rome was founded in 753 BC, and was the first metropolis of humanity, the first capital of the Roman Empire - the largest in history for the influence exercised on Western Civilization - and then of Christianity. During the 3000 years of its history, the "Eternal City" has been the center of a lively political, cultural and artistic life, witnessed by the presence of some of the most famous architectural works in the world, still today's city's monumental attractions. Since 1980 the city's historic center is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Below we suggest an overview of some of the most important monuments in Rome, but we like to remind our guests that visiting Rome is always an enrichment experience and continues to surprise, those who come back to it. In addition to its most important monuments, the city hides a small unexpected treasure around every corner, which often reveals its splendor to the visitor's eye simply by strolling through its streets.

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